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What is Spam Complaint Rate?

Verify that your mailing is valuable!

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Spam Complaint Rate (SCR) is a measure used in online marketing to assess how often recipients complain about emails they receive and mark them as spam. It is the percentage of spam complaints in relation to the total number of emails sent. A high complaint rate may indicate inappropriate marketing practices, such as sending messages to people who have not consented to receive information, or poor quality content sent in messages.

What percentage of messages marked as spam is not threatening us?

A ratio of less than 0.1% is acceptable and recommended. This means that a very small percentage considers the content of the mailing as spam.

A high rate can be a problem, affecting the sender's reputation. Reacting to a high SCR is a necessity!

Recommendations from Google and Yahoo: for senders who send more than 5,000 messages per day, the SCR rate should be below 0.3%.

By sending valuable and personalized content to recipients who have consented to receive marketing communications knowingly, you can minimize the risk that the messages you send will be considered spam. Good practice also includes allowing easy unsubscription and providing clear information about the purposes of personal data processing.

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