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Are you wondering what happens to your email after you click send? Check out the email path in our system.

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Once the message is created in edrone, and you click the send button, the email path then begins:

  1. First we have injection, which is sending a request with the email to the SMTP provider. SMTP is the server that is responsible for distributing the message to all recipients.

  2. Once the message has reached SMTP, the delivery process to the inboxes (ISP) begins.

  3. If the email meets the authentication requirements, the message is finally delivered (reaches the recipient).

This is one way of completing the path, but it can happen that for various reasons the message is bounced, e.g. due to a non-existent recipient address (hard bounce) or a temporary hindrance to delivery, e.g. problems with the recipient's servers (soft bounce). After a hard bounce, the email will no longer reach the recipient's address, but after a soft bounce, the SMTP will retry sending the message and may result in the message being delivered.

General scheme of the email pathway:

edrone -> injection via API -> SMTP provider (emaillabs/sparkpost)-> message deliver -> mailbox provider (IPS).

The following describes 3 situations that can happen when trying to deliver a message:

  • response from IPS with code 500 (bounce) - not delivered -> status bounced

  • response from IPS with code 400 - temporary problems, next attempts to deliver message -> it can end with status bounced or delivered

  • response from IPS with code 200/250 (OK) -> status delivered

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