What the message statuses mean?
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Soft Bounce - this status refers to a temporary failure to deliver an email message to the recipient. A soft bounce is a temporary problem with message delivery. Here are some common reasons why a soft bounce may occur: a recipient's full mailbox, a temporarily unavailable mail server, message size exceeds limit", or a recipient temporarily blocking a message from a particular sender;

Hard Bounce - this status refers to the failure of an email message to be delivered to the recipient. This failure is usually permanent and occurs for reasons that are unlikely to be resolved. Here are some common reasons why a Hard Bounce may occur: an incorrect or inactive email address, a non-existent domain, permanent blocking of messages from a particular sender by the recipient;

Open - this status indicates that the message has been opened by the recipient;

Spambounce - this status refers to a situation where an email message has been flagged as spam and was not delivered to the recipient's inbox. It is a type of error that notifies the sender that the message has been marked as spam by the anti-spam filter on the target server. Such situations may occur when the content of the message, its headers, or other characteristics align with criteria typical of spam. A message with this status will not land in the recipient's Spam folder or any other folders;

Injected - initial status assigned to all messages sent from the edrone system to the messaging provider;

Delivery/OK - the message has been received by the server and delivered to the client's mailbox;

Click - this status indicates that the recipient has clicked on the link provided in the message;

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