How to verify the quality of my email?

Learn about a free tool that will help you take care of the quality of your emails!

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In the era of digital communication, email still remains one of the most important marketing channels. However, in order to achieve success in email marketing, it is essential to regularly monitor the effectiveness of campaigns.

To this end, tools such as are becoming invaluable support for email marketing professionals. is a free online platform that allows professionals to check the effectiveness of their email campaigns.

One of the key features of this tool is to evaluate the quality of emails against spam filters. Users can test their messages, receiving a detailed analysis scoring their inboxes for potential designation as spam.

In addition, offers the ability to check the SMTP server configuration, which is important for ensuring that messages are properly delivered to inboxes. The tool also allows you to analyze message content for potential problems, such as missing DKIM or SPF headers.

How it works?

Users simply send their email to an address provided by the platform, and then receive a detailed report with test results. In addition, the tool offers tips and suggestions for improving the effectiveness of the campaign. One of the advantages of is that it can be used without registration.

Although the platform offers paid plans for business users, the basic functionality is available to anyone who wants to improve the effectiveness of their email marketing efforts.

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