How to clean my database? Get to know 8 tools
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Email base hygiene, essentially, is the process of deleting emails that don't engage with your brand.

By cleaning your database, you start sending emails only to contacts who are truly potential customers and have an interest in your content. This is important for two distinct but equally relevant reasons:

  • Engage with warmed-up leads: The primary advantage is that you'll know exactly who the engaged leads are with your brand, and it'll become clearer at which stage of the buying journey they are – increasing the chance to convert them into customers.

  • Avoid deliverability issues: When you send emails that are not even opened or, if opened, recipients neither read nor click on the directing links, these emails end up looking like spam, even if they aren't.

Database hygiene is crucial for email deliverability and plays a fundamental role in the success of email marketing campaigns. It's an essential practice to ensure your campaigns reach the right audience, improve your sender reputation, and optimize the overall effectiveness of email communication strategies.

Eight tools that can help you

Several tools are available to aid in the contact database hygiene process. These tools are designed to check and validate email addresses, remove duplicate, inactive, or invalid contacts, and optimize the quality of your list. Here are some of them:

  1. Emailable: With user-friendly features, it allows you to seamlessly upload and verify your email lists, supporting various file formats such as CSV and Excel. Emailable not only aids in maintaining a clean and responsive contact list but also provides detailed insights and reporting, empowering marketers to make informed decisions

  2. Email List Verify: Create a free account, upload your existing list in CSV, XLS, or TXT formats, and within minutes, you'll receive a notification that your list has been meticulously cleaned and optimized. It offers 100 free email verifications and flexible pricing options, such as pay-as-you-go or monthly subscription.

  3. Clearout: This email verifier offers real-time and bulk validation. For bulk checks, upload CSV or XLSX files, get detailed accuracy statistics, and download the verified results to update your database. The quick checker is ideal for smaller lists, allowing instant validation by copying and pasting email addresses.

  4. Email List Validation: Email list validation ensures 98% accuracy. In other words, any email marked as "deliverable" is valid. Email list validation removes 99.9% of spam traps, bounces, and toxic emails.

  5. Zero Bounce: It offers a comprehensive solution to clean emails, ensuring the validation of your list by identifying invalid, spammy, and abusive email addresses. Additionally, it introduces the ZeroBounce Score™ system to assess the true value of your email contacts.

  6. Kickbox: Easily upload by dragging and dropping a CSV file or importing directly from your email provider. Clean your email list to eliminate invalid, fake, or risky addresses based on your risk tolerance.

  7. Bounceless: An easy and straightforward tool that helps clean invalid addresses from your lists. It offers a thorough analysis of your lists and provides accurate and swift results to ensure you reach only valid addresses.

  8. Bouncer: It helps identify addresses that could negatively impact both return rates and engagement rates. Easily connect your Bouncer account with your favorite marketing tools and effortlessly send your email campaigns.

We've listed some tools that can assist in database hygiene, but there are others, both free and paid. It's worth researching them and experiencing their results.

Cleaning up your email database ensures reliability for your email marketing campaign, as you already know. So, before concluding the article, we've listed 2 more advantages of this practice:

  • Increased open and click-through rates

You'll have a list of contacts who, at the very least, are interested in consuming your content, even if they're not yet ready to buy the product or service; the interest has already been captured.

  • Reduced spam complaints

Spam, apart from not reaching the recipient's inbox, also attributes a poor reputation to the sending domain.

This is an issue that bothers many customers and is difficult to reverse. Therefore, it's essential to clean up the leads database to avoid losses and ensure that emails are sent to the inbox, maintaining a good image with providers.

Remember: the primary goal of email marketing is to establish and nurture relationships with leads. If these emails become mere spam blasts, this goal will never be achieved."

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