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How to make the first database import?
How to make the first database import?

Find out why importing the database is so important and how to do it in two steps!

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Why are imports so important?

Importing the historical customer base into the system is important for effective customer relationship management, improving business strategy, and increasing the company's competitiveness.

Implementing the import is just 2 steps!

See how easy it is:

  1. First, prepare a file, preferably in CSV format in UTF8 encoding.
    You can find instructions for preparing the file here.
    File prepared?

  2. Great, then it's time for step two, import implementation!
    The import must be implemented in the IMPORT CUSTOMER DATABASE section, which you will find in SETTINGS. Full implementation instructions, with a description of each step, are available here.

Let us know when you're done.

Need more help?

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