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Why is my test email going to the spam folder?
Why is my test email going to the spam folder?
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You don't see a test message in your inbox, then find it in spam?

This can happen when a message is sent to the same domain as it is coming from.

The domain is the part of the email after @. In the case of the address, the domain is

To simplify: if the sender of the message is and we send the test message to the same address (or to another one with the same domain, for example,, it will most likely end up in spam. The most common reason for this situation is the internal settings of the mailbox, which say blocking messages coming from the same domain.

Should you worry about it?

No! Remember that most of your contact database consists of e-mail addresses created most often in the domain of Gmail, Outlook, etc.

We recommend that you play the role of a user during testing, i.e. send test messages to email addresses in Gmail domains.

Need more help?

If you have any additional questions regarding email deliverability, please contact us at

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