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How to customize an email for mobile devices?
How to customize an email for mobile devices?
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Responsive message design is a very important aspect of any mailing. How then to adapt our creation for mobile devices?

At the very beginning, we go to the Design section. Then we switch the view to mobile devices in the lower right corner.

After selecting the option, our eyes will be shown the view of the message from a mobile device, and after clicking the selected block, in the toolbox on the left we will find options for editing the creation.

In the mobile view, the most useful features will be those found in Responsive Design:

Hide on mobile

The hidden fragment will be visible only on desktop devices. This solution will be especially useful when you want to shorten the message or prepare different variants of message fragments depending on the device. After switching to the desktop view, we will similarly see the option to hide the element on the computer.

Do not stack on mobile

This feature is especially useful for columns and determines how they will be laid out in the creative on mobile.
If you check this option, all of the columns, however, will line up next to the other on a mobile device. If this option stays unchecked, the columns and their contents will line up one below the other.

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