Dedicated IP and Shared IP

Learn the difference between a shared and dedicated IP address

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In this article you will learn the differences between a dedicated and shared IP address.... but let's start from the beginning!

A shared IP address is one that is used by multiple users. A dedicated IP address is used by only one company/domain.


  • Shared reputation - with a shared IP address, all senders "work" for their reputation. If you share an IP with someone who cares about sending emails correctly and follows good practices - you have nothing to worry about. However, all it takes is one sender who neglects these issues, and all other senders from that IP suffer. What's more - sending even one or two "incorrect" mailings can cause the emails of all participants of a given IP group to start falling into SPAM.

  • Blacklists - that is, a collection of blocked IP addresses and/or domains. If your shared IP address is on such a list (due to any participant in the group), your mails will not be delivered to the recipients.

  • Message queuing - when one of the senders of a shared IP decides to send a one-time large mailing (for example, to several hundred thousand people), your messages will wait in a queue and may be sent late. This is because most Polish mail operators (wp, onet, interia, o2) limit the number of accepted messages from a given IP address per hour.

  • Segregation of messages - in edrone we distinguish between marketing and transactional messages - each sent from a different IP (separate IP for transactional messages and separate IP for marketing messages). When a sender of a shared IP sends "unsolicited" emails, it can cause mail carriers' filters to direct the emails of all participants in a given IP group to the "offers" tab.


  • You are the only sender of a given IP. You don't share a mailing with anyone, you work for your reputation alone and no one can spoil it for you. If you act in accordance with good mailing practices then you can rest assured about the deliverability and reliability of your emails.

  • Your messages don't queue or go out late. You decide yourself how many and when you send messages.

  • Being on a dedicated IP, you can ask the Suuport department to provide you with email addresses that have been blocked (hit the blacklists) - you can remove them from the mailing list and keep your database clean. Of course, addresses that end up on the blacklist do not receive any messages, as the system blocks them.

A dedicated IP address provides exclusivity and security. It avoids many of the inconveniences of using a shared IP address.

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