One of the first things you should do when integrating your online store with edrone is generating a Product Feed.

The Product Feed is a XML file containing all the most important information about your inventory – things like product name, product URL, product price, whether or not it is in sale, product category, images, and so on.

Without the Product Feed, our platform wouldn't be able to track key information such as which products your customers are buying and what categories those products are in (a crucial data point for Cross-Selling and many other scenarios and product recommendation methods).

Now that we know why it's so important, let's see how you can make your Product Feed and connect it with your edrone account!

How to generate a Product Feed

It is your responsibility to create and manage your Product Feed. Most eCommerce platforms have the ability to generate Product Feeds, either using native features or with the help of a plugin.

If your platform does not have this ability, or you use a custom platform, there are specialized tools available on the internet. Please check the requirements below and on our documentation to make sure the tool you choose is adequate.

Product Feed requirements

  • The Product Feed must be a XML file supplied as a URL (e.g.

  • The encoding must be UTF-8

  • The file must follow one of the supported formats (e.g. Google Merchant Center, Ceneo, IAI-shop). Read our documentation for more info.

  • The file must be hosted by your store.

  • The file must be updated at least every 24 hours.

  • You must not block access to the file from specific locations (e.g. selected countries).

  • You must not block access to the file from various IP’s within some time margin.

  • The following fields are mandatory:

    • product_id

    • product_url

    • product_image_url

    • product_title

    • product_price

    • availability

  • The following fields are optional, but desirable:

    • product_category_ids

    • product_category_names

    • product_brand_ids (if relevant)

    • product_brand_names (if relevant)

    • product_counts

NOTE: edrone downloads the Product Feed file every 24 hours. It is possible to download it more often – for this purpose, you should write to our Customer Success department at

Please note that our system will not accept files that:

  • Are not in XML format

  • Are not in the form of a URL

  • Are not in one of defined standards (see below)

  • Are an URL that requires authorization to open or is password protected

  • Are an URL that is not available to download worldwide

  • Are an URL with mechanisms that blocks downloading the file for several hours from different IP’s

  • Have particularly extensive product descriptions which cause the files to become very large (over 100 MB)

Additional relevant information:

  • The feed can contain only available products or all products: some of them with “available” status and the rest with “not available” status. Both solutions are correct, but the first one (only available products) accelerates the processing of that file.

  • If the Feed contains the “stock status” field, its value takes precedence over the “available status” field.

How to connect the Product Feed with edrone

This is the easiest step. Just send the URL to one of our Customer Success representatives and we'll plug it into your account :)

Need more help?

If you have any further questions about the Product Feed, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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