Feed is an XML file, generated automatically by the store's platform and shared in URL form.

Feed is usually updated by the store once a day (edrone downloads this file every 24 hours. It is possible to download it more often – for this purpose, you should contact our Customer Success department at hello@edrone.me).

It is worth to align with the Customer Success department the time that the Feed is generated, in order to set the appropriate time to download the file.

Feed is not an XSL file generated once by the store which contains the category's name in the store and is sent by e-mail. It must be an XML file.

The main purpose of the Feed is to obtain up-to-date information about the products which are available and which are not (out of stock, removed from the store, prices, etc.).

There are two possible ways: Feed can contain only available products or all products: some of them with “available” status and the rest with “not available” status. Both solutions are correct, but the first one (only available products) accelerates the processing of that file.

If the Feed contains the “stock status” field, its value takes precedence over the “available status” field

Bestsellers, Mailer, Dynamic Newsletter with the prices and Marketing Machine use information about availability and prices.

The Feed is automatically generated by the store. You can read the instructions of your platform, ask for assistance from your technical department. Sometimes it is necessary to purchase a paid plug-in for the store or a dedicated solution.

We should verify if these attributions found in your feed match with the information from your shop: 

  • product_i

  • product_url

  • product_image_url

  • product_title (e.g. If the language version is correct)

  • product_price

  • availability

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