Your customer signed up for a newsletter - great. What's next?
You can send up to 4 additional automatic messages after sign up.
Those messages can describe your store, your purpose, your products or send them coupons.

How does it work? 


2. Select the subscription model (opt-in)

3. In ADJUST section select how many messages you would like to send after newsletter subscription. Please note that opt-in and welcome messages are not counting in those 4 automatic messages. So in really you will have up to 6 messages. 

4. Select number of days and hours after subscription.
If you choose DAYS 0 HOURS 3 it means that we will send first multiple message after 3 hours of newsletter subscription.
DAYS 2 Hours 5 means we will send a multiple message 2 days and 5 hours after subscription.  

5. In our scenario we will send first multiple message after 3 hours of newsletter subscription, second message will be sent next day and 3 hours after sign up. 

6. Select UPDATE button 

7. Select TAGS

8. Define languages

9. In DESIGN select messages you want to create. Please note if you select 4 multiple messages you need to finish all 4 otherwise you will not be able to finish. 

10. Design new messages in our design tool 

Add dynamic elements like bestsellers, coupons, buttons or social media.

11. When you finish you can send a test message. 

12. Your test message was sent 

13.  When you are ready push a button RUN 

14. Et Voila ! Your multiple messages are ready. 

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