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How do I use the graphics editor?
How do I use the graphics editor?

Explore the options available in the graphics editor available in the message creator.

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After adding a photo to the creator you need to edit it? Nothing easier, with the options available it will only take you a few moments! You will find the options described in the design section of the selected scenario.

1. Click on the selected photo and then on "Apply effects"

Click on Apply Effects

2. Choose one of these options to edit your photo

Choose one of this options to edit your photo
  • Filter - Change the color of your photo to your liking

  • Resize - Change both the height and width of your graphic

  • Trim - crop the photo to your preferred dimensions

  • Draw - Apply lines, and patterns by hand to give character to the whole graphic

  • Text - Forgot to add content to your banner? You will do it here! You can choose both font and color, background, transparency, outline, or shadow!

  • Shapes - Arrows, stars, triangles, squares? Stand out with additional elements that you can personalize to your liking!

  • Stickers - plenty of stickers are already waiting, divided into categories! Their appearance you can also edit them!

  • Frame - take care of framing your graphics with one of the available frames!

  • Corners - round your uploaded graphic to your preferred level!

  • Merge - use this option to merge your imported graphics!

3. Once all changes have been made, click: SAVE

Once all changes have been made, click: SAVE

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