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How to set the pop-up to be displayed on a given product category?
How to set the pop-up to be displayed on a given product category?
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If you want your pop-up to be displayed only on a selected product category, go to the SETTINGS section of your pop-up.

Find "Set Location" and then select "Based on URL's"

After selecting this option, you will be able to select a logical operator:

  • At least one rule is met': If you select this option, the system will require at least one of the rules to be met in order to display the PopUp. In other words, if at least one of the rules is true (e.g. HTML Contains: "X"), the entire rule will be considered met

  • All rules must be met: Selecting this option means that all added rules must be met for the system to display the PopUp. Only when each rule is true will the entire rule be considered met

This option is important, especially when more than one URL is included in a rule. Determining whether at least one or all of the rules must be met affects the flexibility and precision of the system and what conditions must be met for onsite elements to appear on the page.

Below you can paste the full URLs of the pages where you want the pop-up to appear:

If you want to display your pop-up on all category pages that contain some common phrase in the URL, select the "URL contains excerpt" option. In the appropriate field, enter the part of the address that combines all these addresses.

In a similar way, you can set the pop-up not to be displayed on full URLs or on URLs containing a given phrase.

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