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What goals can be achieved with the use of Web Layers?
What goals can be achieved with the use of Web Layers?
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edrone is a SAS system that enables the use of marketing automation for e-commerce shops. It offers a number of functions and possibilities for realizing online marketing objectives. One of the functionalities that is available in the system is an onsite Web Layer banner and Web Layer slider. Here are some examples of the goals that can be achieved using the Web Layer in the edrone system:

Building a list of subscribers

The Web Layer from edrone can be used to collect email subscriptions on a website. It can be used to display subscription forms to collect email addresses, phone numbers, etc. from visitors interested in receiving news or newsletters.

Increasing conversions

The Web Layer from edrone can be used to display promotional messages and offers to increase conversions on the website. For example, you can use the Web Layer to present limited offers, discounts, free delivery, or other forms of purchase incentives.

Responding to user behavior

Web Layer from edrone allows you to monitor user behavior on your website, such as scrolling, leaving the page, or abandoning the shopping cart. Based on these behaviors, special messages or offers can be displayed at appropriate points on the site to retain users, and encourage them to return or complete their purchase.

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