Compliance with the GDPR in every detail.

We attach great importance not only to our compliance with the GDPR but also to the compliance of our technology partners. 

We work only with those who have also adapted to the requirements of the GDPR regulations and those are: Amazon AWS, SparkPost, EmailLabs, FullContact, SMSAPI. 

Facebook, Inc., Google LLC, Global Email Solutions Ltd ,,
Global Email Solutions sp. z o.o., Senuto LLC, Snap Inc., Nethansa sp. z o.o. and Nethansa GmbH are joining as edrone’s technology partners.

The Contractor hereby submits official information regarding the compliance of Subprocessors located outside the EU with GDPR (Amazon Web Services Inc., FullContact Inc.). Detailed information can be found at the following addresses:

a). Amazon Web Services Inc. FullContact Inc. ullContact-account
c). Message Systems Inc.
d)  Senuto Inc.
e)  Snap Inc.  

What would your business gain thanks to cooperation with our technology partners?

  • High email delivery.

  • Avoiding SPAM folders and bookmarks (ie. offers) thanks to partnership with providers like (Gmail/Onet/Wp/Interia/Yahoo/Hotmail). 

  • Monitoring of domain reputation (early warning system against qualification as SPAM). 

  • Mass-scale sending of text messages (Sms newslettter, abandoned cart). 

  • Subscription Model - Email + SMS. 

  • Enriching customer profiles with public data from Social Media. 

  • Additional channels to reach the end users, such as ads on the Facebook and Google networks synchronized with the edrone system.

  • Analytics and reporting. 

Should you have additional questions regarding changes in DPA contact us via email on or chat on our website Together with our legal agency Pilch Piotrowski & Partners we will answer your enquiries. 

P.S. Remember that we care about the environment and the amount of paper used for annexes to agreements. Unless your DPA agreement states otherwise, we treat your lack of opposition as consent to the changes of subprocessors.

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