What is DKIM?

DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) is a security method designed to ensure that email service providers receive information that the sender of the message is, in fact, the owner of the address/domain from which the message is being sent (example@domain.com), ensuring that such email is not being sent by anyone other than its rightful owner.

Why set up DKIM?

DKIM is essential for all institutions that often fall victim to phishing and spoofing attacks - types of cyber fraud.

However, as the number of SPAM emails is increasing, email service providers are starting to require DKIM subscription to deliver messages to recipients' inboxes (their customers). Failure to subscribe to DKIM can result in even the most trusted content (great quality content) ending up in the SPAM folder or being blocked by a server-level provider.

For now, configuring DKIM is an additional element that reduces the risk of your email being classified as SPAM.

However, it is likely to soon become a standard requirement. Therefore, the best course of action is to proactively set up your DKIM as soon as possible, thus reducing the risk of your emails not being delivered.

How to set up DKIM?

Edrone uses several mail providers (SMTP Providers). Set the following, separate records for the sklep.pl domain

  • edrone._domainkey.sklep.pl CNAME edrone._domainkey.edrone.me

  • emaillabs._domainkey.sklep.pl. CNAME emaillabs._domainkey.emaillabs.net.pl


a) Some providers require that the addresses "emaillabs._domainkey.yourdomain.com." and “emaillabs._domainkey.emaillabs.net.pl.” are written without the period in the end.

  • How to check if your domain's DKIM is configured correctly?

  1. Use this online tool

  2. Enter "emaillabs" and "edrone"(without quotes) in the "Selector" field

  3. In "Domain name" enter your domain (without www or http://)

  4. Click on "Check"

If DKIM is configured correctly, a message will appear saying: "This is a valid DKIM key record".

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