The image section should be 720 pixels wide, but their size depends on the kind of element you choose in our creator.

  1. If you decide to use the “Responsive Image” there are a couple of actions to choose.

The user can choose: 

1 graphic 720x360 pixels

2 graphics 360xAUTO

3 graphics 240xAUTO

4 graphics 180xAUTO

6 graphics 120xAUTO

8 graphics 90xAUTO.

The width of the graphics should have the number of pixels indexed, and the height isset automatically.

2. If the user chooses “Image,” the width and height are predefined:

2 graphics 360x360 pixels

3 graphics 240x240 pixels

6 graphics 120x120 pixels

8 graphics 90x90 pixels

3. The next option is to have text with an image:

In this instance,graphics should be 300x300.

4. The same rules apply when you create a welcome message for newsletter subscribers. However, the graphics for the exit pop-up window should be 600x800 or 600x200 pixels (depends on option). 

The picture below is a good example of how a proper graphic should look.

5. There are also tips for push-newsletter graphics.

The graphics contain any image you upload, but you must remember that these elements are quite small and the information on the graphics should contain the most visible content. 

Likewise, the image should be in the shape of a square.

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