DMARC alignment types

In order to guarantee good message deliverability, DMARC is required for each sending domain.

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According to the changes introduced by Google and Yahoo in February 2024, DMARC must be set up for each mailing domain to take care of message deliverability.

In order for DMARC not to block a message, you need a match between the sender domain (from) and the DKIM key and/or the domain with return_path, i.e. the one verified by SPF. It is not a matter of correct SPF or DKIM verification, but a domain match in the addresses.

We have 3 types of such alignment:

  1. SPF alignment - is when the address in the return_path has the same domain as the address in the “from” header:

2. DKIM alignment - is when the domain in the DKIM is the same as the address in the
from header:

3. Full alignment - when the domain from return_path and from DKIM, both are the same
as in the address from header:

If a message meets one of these compatibilities, DMARC will 'pass' the message, and it will be delivered.

More information on domain compatibility can be found here:

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