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To integrate, you will need a MEASUREMENT ID and a Secret API, and add custom variables to the dimensions.

To integrate you will need to have access to the data at the minimum level of Marketer access.

How to generate a MEASUREMENT ID?

In the Administration section, in the Service column, click Data Streams.

Click the current data stream and copy your MEASUREMENT ID

and copy your MEASUREMENT ID

Forward this ID to Support edrone or by chat.

How to generate the Measurement platform's secret API keys?

For integration, you will need to create the Measurement Protocol platform's secret API keys. To do this, open the data stream once again.

Click Measurement Protocol API secrets

Before creating an API, you must accept the terms and conditions regarding the collection of user data.

Confirm data collection by clicking on Read conditions, then confirm terms and conditions.

After confirming, click Create, enter the name of the secret key (you can use the name edrone), and then click Create. Click the copy icon to copy the secret key, and then paste it into your edrone account in place of the API Secret.

Pass your API key to Support edrone,, or by chat.

If you have a problem with the instructions, give us access at and we'll do it for you, Administrator or Marketer access is required for configuration.

Need more help?

If you have any further questions about Google Analytics 4, please do not hesitate to contact us at

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