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How can I schedule up a newsletter?
How can I schedule up a newsletter?
Find out how to plan your newsletter step by step.
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To schedule a newsletter, after logging into the system, go to the "Engagements" section.

and then scroll down and click on "Dynamic newsletter."

The next step, if the message is already created, is to go to the section: "Dates":

If we leave the option checked: "Instantly" this means that the newsletter will be sent immediately after confirmation. If we want to send an email on a specific day, at a specific time, we need to "uncheck" the immediate option and using the calendar and the sliders below, we can adjust both the day and the time of sending:

Then we go to Summary. If we are already sure that the message looks as it was designed, we have selected the day and time to send the email, the last step is to confirm your choice, by clicking on the button: "Schedule":

A final confirmation message will then appear, showing the day and time of the planned mailing and the current day and time. If everything is correct, we click on "Confim".

The scheduled newsletter in the reports section has an orange color and the word "Scheduled", so we can be sure that all the steps have been done correctly.

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