Product Linker is a solution dedicated to online shops and SEO agencies that, thanks to natural language processing techniques, automates the work involved in optimising a website and its offerings for search engines. The functionality also helps to shorten the purchase path of customers significantly.

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Why Product Linker?

Linker speeds up the tedious labour of link preparation for internal linking and backlinking. It saves time and effort by indicating products from the shop's offer that match the paragraphs within texts, for example, your blog-posts.

How does the Product Linker work?

The feature divides the text into paragraphs and checks each paragraph for matching products. Finally, the Linker displays suggestions in product names, images and links.

You will find the Product Linker in the SETTINGS.

Before you start

The Product Linker is available to all edrone's clients; however, we need to configure your product feed first, and your account needs to be added to the Product Linker whitelist.

If you see a blue message (screenshot below) when you enter Product Linker, this means you have not configured your product feed is not configured, or you are not on the whitelist. It may also be that both of these issues need to be resolved. Again, the edrone support can help you with this.

Product feed

A feed is an XML file stored in the shop platform and shared via URL. It contains product information such as availability, name, description and image address.

The feed is usually automatically generated by the shop platform. (In certain cases, paid plug-in or custom solution is required.)

To find a product feed, use the instructions provided by

the platform or contact your platform's support. Your company's technical department can also help you.

You can learn more about product feeds in this article. Please contact our support department to configure the product feed in your edrone account.

Product Description

The Product Linker requires your feed to contain the following data:

  • Product name

  • Product description

  • Product url

  • Product image url

  • Product price

  • Product id

  • Product availability

Disclaimer: The product description is essential for the Linker to work. The Linker uses it to assess the similarity between the product and the paragraph. Therefore, the more information descriptions carry, the better fit Linker provides.

Example of detailed description:

[...] The bricks are designed for children from 2 years old. This set of building blocks will always be an apt gift for both boys and girls. Children love to have their own place to play; This set allows them to build such a place on their own. Box contains additional wheels, enabling them to design their own vehicles [...]


Product Linker opens an entirely new family of features in edrone's offer. Because of that, not all customers have access to it by default. Please contact the support department if you wish to enable it on your account. We will add your shop to the whitelist. At the same time, if necessary, we will configure your product feed.

Product Linker Step-by-step

  1. Enter your Mission Control

  2. Go to the SETTINGS and then click on PRODUCT LINKER.

  3. If you see the panel presented on the screenshot below, The Linker is ready to go.

  4. Select any piece of text you would like to match with products. The minimum length is 60 characters with spaces.

  5. Click GENERATE. In the nick of time, you will see the first results.

  6. The Linker automatically divides your text into paragraphs. Each one is analysed separately for relevant products.

  7. Next to each product, you will find three active fields.

    1. "Open the link in a new tab" will redirect you to the shop page, specifically the product card.

    2. This icon will copy the link to the product.

    3. The last icon will reload the product proposition (if the one displayed does not meet your expectations).

  8. You will find similar buttons at the bottom of the suggestion box for a paragraph. Use these to copy links to all products or reload all proposals.

  9. At the very bottom of the Linker page, you will find a button with which you can export all the displayed product suggestions as an XLSX file.

  10. The structure of the exported spreadsheet is similar to the information presented on the Linker page.


That's it! Although the Linker operates on advanced artificial intelligence algorithms, using it is a piece of cake. With this feature, you can tightly bond your expert blog posts to your offer in a split second.

What are you waiting for? Rank higher in Google and make your e-store even more convenient for your customers! Good luck :)

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