Re-engaging inactive contacts
Don't let your subscribers slip away! Send them a "last chance" message and give them a chance to stay.
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Maintaining and growing a subscribers list is an integral part of running a successful online business. However, as we always like to point out, "bigger" is not always "better" – the quality of your contacts list matter just as much as its volume.

That is why we recommend "cleaning up" your contacts list regularly through a process we call database hygienization.

To put it in a few words, this process involves removing from your contacts list all the subscribers that have spent a given amount of time – usually 6 months – without interacting with your messages.

But still, these are contacts you worked hard to collect, and they were once interested enough in your brand to subscribe and open a few messages. They are valuable! So why not give them one last chance to stay before saying goodbye?

Let's learn how to do this in the edrone system!

How create an inactive customers segmentation in edrone

The process is very similar to the one for hygienization of a contacts database – click here to learn more.

Step 1: Export a list of all inactive subscribers

Inactive subscribers are those that have been subscribed for at least 6 months AND haven't opened at least one of your emails over the past 6 months.

To export this list, go to SETTINGS > EXPORT and select HYGIENIZATION OF CUSTOMERS from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Create the segmentation

Upload the list of inactive subscribers into your database, but assign them with the UNKNOWN subscription status and assign a new tag which will be used for the segmentation on the final step – call it something like "inactive_MM-YYYY" to make sure it is easily recognizable.

To learn more about the import process, click here.

Step 3: Send your "last chance" message

Now you just need to craft your message and send it to all users who are assigned to this tag and have a subscription status = UNKNOWN.

To do this, you need to create a Dynamic Newsletter (click here to learn more).


Since you're sending this message as a last chance for the users to stay in your active subscribers list, and they were assigned the UNKNOWN subscription status on Step 2, they will need to subscribe again.

To do this, on the DESIGN section, make sure to add a button with the Action type = Subscribe. That way, when a user clicks on this button, their subscription status will automatically be updated to "SUBSCRIBED" once again.

NOTE: Think about what you can offer to make this message as appealing as possible: highlight the benefits of remaining a subscriber, and maybe even offer a discount coupon to reunite on the best way possible!

In the AUDIENCE section, select:



  • TAGS: ALL (then pick only the tag you created and assigned to the inactive customers database you imported on Step 2)

NOTE: To the right of your screen, you will see the total number of users who match this criteria. Make sure to double check and see if it matches the number of contacts on the database you imported on Step 2!

Our clients' results

One of our clients, Pauzza, uses this solution regularly. Let's take a look at some of the results that Pauzza has achieved by creating a campaign to re-engage inactive contacts.

The results that Pauzza has achieved by using 'last chance' messaging:

Open Rate - 19.8%

Click Through Rate - 9.5%

Conversion Rate - 1.11%

Thanks to sending "last chance" messages, the Open Rate was as high as 19.8%! Additionally, Pauzza managed to retain almost 10% of the customers it could have lost. The "last chance" message also generated additional orders and the Conversion Rate was 1.11%.

Keep it work!

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