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Newsletters are a crucial tool for any successful Online Marketing strategy. They are different from Email Marketing Automations in the sense that they are one-off, unique campaigns instead of ongoing personalized messages triggered by actions or behaviors.

Newsletters are useful for communicating time-based promotions such as holidays, seasonal campaigns, or Black Friday, as well as for communicating the newest releases, fresh content, and latest news.

edrone offers five types of Newsletters, and all of them allow adding dynamic content such as merge tags and personalized product recommendations!

We can't forget also about our new option - Newsletter Hub! Let's see more!

Dynamic Newsletter

Dynamic Newsletters allows online stores to engage with their customers, segmenting the audience for each campaign based on edrone’s core behavior-based segmentation, as well as by gender, custom tags and RFM analysis groups.

This makes each message as personal as possible in a context of one-to-many communication.

Custom Newsletter

Using Custom Newsletters, it is possible to create a unique new segmentation based on a specific contact list, demographic data, or a combination of previous interactions customers had with the website.

For example, an online store could send an email to women in Berlin who have made at least three orders. Why not?

By targeting such an engaged and highly segmented group, the likelihood of obtaining higher Open and Click Rates is much higher. This, in turn, means keeping campaign costs low by reducing the number of required messages without losing performance and improving conversion rates.

Category Newsletter

Category Newsletters are perfect for targeting customers based on the type of product they are interested in.

This type of Newsletter allows segmenting an audience to include only people who have viewed or added products from a given product category and then send them all the newest releases or sales from that same category – or alternatively, sending product recommendations for related categories, effectively implementing a cross-selling strategy.

A/B Newsletter

Companies often struggle to know which is the best subject line or sending time. Why not let the audience decide?

A/B Newsletters are used to optimize campaigns and measure how small changes can influence performance results.

By sending two variations of the same email to a small part of their audience, an online store can see which version performs best, and send the winning version to the rest of the audience.

SMS Newsletter

What’s better than a personalized marketing message delivered right to a customer’s inbox? The same message delivered right to their pocket! With edrone’s SMS Newsletter, it is possible to reach out to customers where they will certainly notice it — their smartphones — even when they’re not online.

SMS is a bridge connecting two worlds – digital and analog. It is often used for personal communication, but can also be a powerful tool to reach customers wherever they are.

It may be nothing new in terms of communication, but it is still underexplored by companies worldwide. If you have any doubts that SMS messages work, consider that...

  • 90% of SMS messages are opened within about 3 minutes.

  • 98% of SMS messages are opened by the end of the day.

That’s why edrone offers the possibility of sending out SMS Newsletters. The name says it all, we’re talking about sending out SMS blasts to a list of contacts.

Nesletter Hub

This is the place where you can create dynamic, category or dedicated newsletters without moving between campaign types!

The improved version of the wizard allows you to efficiently manage the marketing messages you send in one place, but also helps you with the preparation and scheduling of the mailing based on the activity of your customers!

Creating a newsletter has never been so easy!

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