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Web Layer is an engaging edrone feature that helps you bridge the gap between pop-ups and onsite recommendations, such as Marketing Machine.

To make the layout of this feature even simpler and clearer, we have broken it into two separate parts - Web Layer Slider and Web Layer Banner. Below you will learn more about these creations and their use, while in this post we show you step-by-step how you can create your own design.

What exactly is a Web Layer?

These are onsite campaigns displayed on specific subpages. They provide an opportunity to engage the user in a selected action depending on your current marketing needs.

Wherever you want...

  • They work thanks to HTML/CSS/Javascript.

  • They don't hinder interaction with the site – once they’re displayed, the user can click on all the visible space around the banner – so you don't interrupt the Customer's Journey.

  • Just like other edrone functionalities, banners and sliders use tags. This gives you unlimited possibilities to manage the flow of customers in your store.

...whenever you want…

You can precisely determine who your Web Layers be displayed to, using a wide range of triggering events and conditions:

  • Subpage URL.

  • Device type - desktop or mobile.

  • Subscription status of the customer.

  • Activity on the page.

  • The page contains a specific piece of HTML code.

  • A specific range of days during which the Web Layer will be displayed. any form!

Don’t confuse “basic” with “boring”!In the system you get the opportunity to fully personalize your creations. This way you are sure that they will perfectly match the aesthetics of the store.

  • Content.

  • Background (simple color, gradient, your own image).

Web Layer Banner

It appears on an additional layer and can cover part of the content if you wish. As the user scrolls the page, the banner will follow him, staying in the same position on the screen.

Use this configuration for:

  • Time-limited offers

  • Cross-selling

  • Quick and effective marketing campaigns

You can also anchor the banner at the top or the bottom of the page.This way it won’t cover any content.

Main use:

  • Announcements

  • Periodic communication (vacations, events, festivities)

  • Cross-selling / Up-Selling

  • Sales

Web Layer Slider

The slider is by defaultcollapsed into a small tab with the main Call To Action. When clicked, it expands, presenting all its contents. The slider can appear in one of 6 predefined positions.

It works great for:

  • Newsletter signups

  • Protips and tips

  • Cross-selling

  • Previews of new collections

  • Sneak-peaks

  • Rotating discounts


Web Layers did not appear in the system to replace advanced Pop-ups. Treat them as an extension to their capabilities. The creation allows you to create an additional information box, but does not stop further activity on the site - it follows the user, quietly waiting for its moment. Want to learn how to properly design and activate your chosen Web Layer? Be sure to check out this tutorial!

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