In this article, you will find out which Facebook advertising campaigns are available in our system and ready to start bringing in more visitors and subscribers to your store.

To learn how to set up Social Advertising in your edrone Workspace, click here.

There are 11 ready-to-go campaign scenarios at your disposal (+ 10 more if you have RFM analysis available. Click here to learn more about RFM).

Each of these scenarios is a pre-set campaign in which all the most important parameters have already been determined. They were created by experienced specialists and are supported by artificial intelligence, so you have nothing to worry about. It's like having your very own advertising agency right inside the edrone system!

If you're curious, these are the parameters that are combined to create all of these different ad scenarios.

  • Target audience (segmentation based on interests, previous actions, RFM, etc)

  • Platform (Facebook or Instagram)

  • Age group

  • Goal (maximizing reach, maximizing conversions, capturing leads, etc)

  • Devices (mobile or desktop, operating system)

  • Gender

  • Fanpage Audience (e.g. people who already follow you, their friends, etc)

  • Audience (new or existing)

  • Type of displaying (bidding strategy)

  • Language

  • Capping (maximum number of times the ad will be shown to the same user)

OK, so what are the available scenarios? Take a look at the complete list below.

  • KEEP GROWING AT FACEBOOK This is a brand awareness campaign, optimized for getting more likes for your fan page. Your ads will be targeted at people similar to your current fans.

  • DOUBLE YOUR PRECIOUSES — Find more of your best customers! The algorithm analyzes the characteristics and behaviors of your best customers, finds new users who have similar characteristics, and shows them your ads.

  • GIRLS GONE GYM — Do you sell gym clothes, equipment, accessories, or anything else related to this industry? This campaign is for you! Thanks to it, you will find new female clients who are interested in the gym and fitness industry and share similar characteristics as your current clients.

  • TAKE CARE OF YOUR CART — remarketing campaign to save abandoned carts. It is aimed at people who have abandoned the cart in your store within the last 14 days. Even if you already use the Recover Abandoned Carts scenario, some people just won't open their emails – but they'll surely check their social media profiles eventually! Use this to make sure you won't lose a single abandoned cart.

  • ITS TIME FOR NEXT PURCHASE — Campaign for people who made a purchase in your store within the last 14–60 days. Take special care of customers who buy a lot and often in your store. Don't let them forget you!

  • IT'S ALMOST THERE — These ads are targeted at people who have viewed products on your online store within the past 14 days but have not made a purchase. They probably still remember you, so help them come back and finish their shopping session! These ads are dynamic, meaning they are different for each user. In this case, they will show the same products that the customer browsed in your store.

  • FEEL THE POWER OF iOS — This campaign is aimed at users who are similar to your customers but limited to those who use Apple devices. This is especially effective for higher-priced offers – after all, people who spend more on their devices will probably be more willing to spend more on your store as well.

  • FRIENDS BUY MORE WILLINGLY — Social proof is a strong influence on the decision to buy. Use this to your advantage! This campaign targets ads to users who are friends of your existing followers and are similar to your customers. This might be our most underrated campaign, however, it's also one of the most successful! By the way, it's worth noting that the information of which friend follows the fan page is automatically displayed right above the ad:

  • SIMILAR TO YOUR VISITORS — This is a campaign aimed at bringing new users who are similar to your existing customers. Traffic is a very important factor influencing the success of your online store, so make sure you keep new customers coming all the time!

  • DO YOU REMEMBER ME? — This campaign targets potential customers who have visited your website but, for some reason, decided not to buy anything. Make sure they remember you! Offering a discount coupon might be what's missing to make them change their mind ;)

  • UP-SELLING CLASSIC — This campaign offers more expensive or higher quality alternatives to the products that customers have viewed on your online store, with the goal of increasing the order value. It is based on our proprietary AI-powered recommendation engine and can effectively increase ROAS by as much as 15% when compared to regular remarketing ads. Your ads are created dynamically based on the products the customer viewed. The audience is prioritized in such a way that the ads are first shown to users with the highest purchasing power, increasing the likelihood of a successful conversion.

Do you also have RFM Analysis? In this case, there are additional ad campaigns you can use to target each RFM group:

  • LOST — Campaign aimed at clients that you lost for some reason. These customers have not bought anything on your store's website for a long time. You probably haven't had any contact with them for a long time – Facebook and Instagram are good places to remind them of your store!

  • HIBERNATING — Wake up your "sleeping" customers! A while ago you had a pretty good relationship, but you haven't seen each other for a while. Invite them back to remember the good times!

  • CAN'T LOSE THEM — These customers have shown great potential – when they buy, they usually spend a lot. Make sure to give them reasons to keep coming back!

  • AT RISK — These customers used to buy frequently, but it's been a while since their last purchase. They are slowly slipping away, don't let them go!

  • NEED ATTENTION — These are fairly recent customers with above-average spending, but they haven't bought from you very often. Give them some attention to pump those numbers up!

  • PROMISING — Customers who used to buy frequently and spend a lot, but made their last purchase some time ago. You can either help them become loyal customers or let them slip away and hibernate. Which road are you taking?

  • NEW CUSTOMERS — These customers are just starting their adventure with your brand. They bought something from you, they gave you a chance, so you absolutely have to take advantage of it. They could become your newest Champions!

  • POTENTIAL LOYALIST — This group of customers buys from your store quite often, but they do not spend too much. Maybe it is worth giving them a discount coupon as an incentive to add more items to their carts?

  • LOYAL CUSTOMERS — These customers like your store. They buy often, but don't spend as much as Champions. They're just a step away from becoming your best customers, give them a little nudge!

  • CHAMPIONS — Your very best customers! They buy often and spend the most money. There's no need to give discount coupons or sales offers to these customers, since they already love shopping at your store anyway. You must make them feel special in different ways, such as giving them VIP access to your newest releases, exclusive content, and special events.

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