How big is your contact base? Well, long story short: It doesn’t matter how big it is but to whom you send your communications to.

If you continuously send Newsletters to your entire base but the majority of your contacts are not even opening them, it causes you more bad than good.


First, because of the security protocols of your contact’s email service providers (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.). These companies want to protect their clients (your contacts); so, until you prove them wrong, they treat you as a threat to their clients. Once they notice that your messages are coming to their client’s inbox over and over, therefore, they are being completely ignored (your contacts don’t open them at all!) your domain becomes a threat: more of your messages start to hit the spam box or even being entirely rejected. 

Another casualty, if you will, is the fact that you are reaching (or exceeding) your plan’s monthly limit (for emails sent with edrone) in a very inefficient way - you are burning unnecessary fuel

The ability to work smartly is a must for any business but even more crucial to those balancing on the thin line of the small margins (not an unusual scenario for e-commerce, right?). 

That is the reason why at edrone we are always improving our system so you, our client and partner, are constantly ahead of the curve when it comes to customer intelligence

We recently added a new feature to our Custom Newsletter segmentation: sending emails only to contacts who opened your emails in the last 30, 60, 90 or 120 days.

At first glance, sending to a reduced base seems to be a bad move. “The more I send, the greater is my chance”, one might think. It was exactly what one of our clients thought - not to say strongly objected - when our Customer Success Specialist was presenting this new feature and the logic behind it. To give you a clear picture of this case, here is the size of his WHOLE BASE

And here is the size of his SMART BASE (with only those contacts whom opened at least one of his messages in the last 120 days):

Yes, you saw it right! Approximately 75% of his base is completely ignoring his messages in the last 120 days. 

[Pause for reflection: if by any chance you are thinking "Oh, no! Our customers love us! They respond to us much more than this example above!", you should review your certainty level. Your "ignoring rate" might not be 75% but it is, for sure, more than 50% (it's a reality for any online business). Now, back to the case...]

The concept of "LESS IS MORE", although a cliche to many, has proved to be accurate with respect to Newsletter's audience. But not "less" in a sense of cold numbers. We are talking about intelligence. You start with a great amount of data, then you process this data, generating intelligence. You take advantage of this intelligence and apply it to your actions; it will, in turn, generate more intelligence, which you will apply to your next action... and the virtuous circle continues.

By using edrone's intelligent segmentation, our client from the example more than DOUBLED his revenue from his Newsletter's engagements: 

Comparing the last two months alone, he reduced his total emails sent by 51.01% (from 900,300 down to 441,100), which helped him to stop paying penalty fees to edrone for exceeding his monthly limit of 500,000 emails. 

However, his gains didn't come only from not paying penalty fees to edrone; as you can see, by sending his Newsletters to his SMART BASE, he increased his revenue from Newsletter's engagement by 115.17% (from $14,500.00 up to $31,200.00) - MORE THAN DOUBLED

Working with customer intelligence makes all the difference!

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