Resend Campaign (OPCA and NOCA)
Everyone deserves a second chance!
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If you follow Email Marketing best practices, you certainly analyze your Newsletter reports to check its performance.

There are several Email Marketing performance metrics, but one of the most important is the Open Rate, which shows how many recipients are actually opening your emails. After all, it doesn't matter how much time and effort you have poured into your emails... if your audience isn't even opening them!

Most Open Rates benchmarks point to an average of around 10 to 25%. This means that the vast majority of recipients don't open these emails!

What if you could resend a campaign, but only to those people that didn't open the email? With edrone, you can do exactly that! It is also possible to use this same feature to send a different message to those who did open the email.

That's what we will cover in this article. Let's go!


In edrone, there are two Resend Campaign options:

  • OPCA: This option will resend the message to contacts who HAVE opened the original campaign.

  • NOCA: This option will resend the message to contacts who HAVE NOT opened the original campaign.


  • OPCA and NOCA are only available 24h after the Newsletter was sent.

  • It is possible to send only one OPCA and one NOCA message per Newsletter campaign.

  • When resending messages, you won't be able to change the name of the campaign or its audience. However, it is possible to modify other things, such as subject, design, coupons, etc.

How to Resend Campaigns

The Resend Campaign feature is available in three engagement scenarios:

  • Dynamic Newsletter

  • Custom Newsletter

  • Newsletter Categories

As mentioned above, the OPCA and NOCA options are available after a campaign is sent. To find these options, go to the REPORTS section and select the campaign you wish to resend.

Below the graphs, you will find the Resend section with the OPCA and NOCA options, along with the number of recipients for each option.

When you click one of these options, you will be automatically redirected to the campaign settings, where you can make any desired changes and continue normally.

That's it! Make sure you give your audience a second chance to read your awesome emails, and reengage the people who open your emails to maximize conversions.

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