Most likely, you analyze your Newsletter report to check who opened it and who did not; then, you realize that, sometimes, the number of unopened messages exceeds opened ones. What if you could resend this very same message but only to those who did not open it in the first place? The good news is: YOU CAN DO IT - edrone allows you to do that!

You will learn in this article:

  • What is this new feature - Resend Campaign - for

  • Who you can send a second message to

  • In which scenarios you can use the Resend Campaign feature

  • How to create a Resend Campaign - step by step

Usually, your newsletters contain important pieces of information (e.g. current promotions or new arrivals). Every time you send a newsletter, you want to reach as many subscribers as possible and engage them to take action (buy from you).

You can use the Resend Campaign in two situations:

  1. Resend the message to contacts who HAVE NOT opened the first one - it may be enough to change the subject in order to increase your open rate this second time;

  2. Resend the message to contacts who HAVE opened the first one - you can use this new message as a reminder about the promotion (deadline, for example).

The Resend Campaign feature is available in three scenarios:

  • Dynamic Newsletter

  • Custom Newsletter

  • Newsletter Categories

It is time to learn how to use this feature step by step:

>> Go to the "REPORTS" section for the Newsletter scenario you have used to send your campaign.

>> Then, select the newsletter you want to resend.

Now, you have two options: 

  1. Resend it to contacts who DID open your previous newsletter (OPCA).

2. Resend it to contacts who DID NOT open your previous newsletter (NOCA).

For each campaign, you can use ONLY ONCE each of these features, OPCA and NOCA, and you have to wait 24 HOURS (from the time your first one was actually sent) to do so.

NOTE: You cannot change the name of the campaign or its audience. However, you can modify other things, such as subject, cupons, etc.

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Did this answer your question?