Do you know Zalando? You visit their website and you see the products that you really like. Isn't that cool? You don't waste your time, searching through categories to find something of your interest. In addition, the articles are individually tailored to each user - in the era of global messaging, a personal approach to the customer is a great asset for e-commerces!

In this article you will find out:

1. What is Marketing Machine?

2. How does Marketing Machine work?

3. Why should you choose edrone's Marketing Machine?

Marketing Machine - What is it?

It is an interactive onsite recommendation frame. Edrone’ system analyzes the behavior of each customer entering the store's website, it gets to know his/her interest, compares it to the interests of other customers with similar interests, and, thanks to that, it displays personally tailored offers to each client.

How does Marketing Machine work?

The customer enters your website - he builds his profile with every click. Based on his/her behavior, we create recommendations for the best-fitting products. Thanks to the principle of Segment-of-One Marketing, your site will have as many versions as customers and visitors. We treat each client individually and create a tailored offer for each person. With each visit, and even overloading the site, the offer will be better suited to the visitor.

Marketing Machine's options in edrone.

The recommendation frame in edrone has two versions, divided into categories or without it.

Version I: Divided into categories → Bestsellers → Recommendations

e.g. Fashion - women / men / children


Children's products - child's age

Version II: Bestsellers → Recommendations

It is used when the store has only one group of products, unabling edrone to create a division into specific categories.

After getting to know the customer's interest, in both versions, the system will present individually matched products.

What distinguishes the recommendation frame in edrone?

By far, the first customer's visit to the store. During his/her first visit, the systemdoes not have information about the user. Does it mean that the recommendation frame isn't working then? The answer is, “of course NO”! What's more, we don't want to present random products, because this is not the Marketing Machine's goal. The system will ask the users about product categories they are interested in (e.g. woman/man) and display the bestsellers of these categories. Then, with each customer's behavior on the site, edrone will know his expectations and display a customized offer.

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