69% of users at the age of 18 to 39 start their shopping habits using a mobile device. Take the opportunity and communicate with your clients consciously.

Pop-up is one of the most effective ways to collect leads within a website.

While creating a pop-up window, you should remember that the requirements for customers who are using smartphones are different than for the customers who are using desktops. The colors and design should match the type of your customer’s device.

How to create a mobile POP-UP:

You can choose:

1. Welcome pop-up – pop-up window appears after a specified time from entering the store's website)

2. Action pop-up – after an action, for example, adding a product to the chart

There is no possibility to create an Exit POP-UP for a mobile version.

Using the smartphone, the user can not take an “exit” action.

We recommend to use only Welcome pop up for mobiles. We shouldn't be so insistent for mobile users. Most of them prefer to do their shopping seamlessly.

Set the rule

Choose the device:





Making your pop up creation for a mobile, you should remember about the parameters to display your pop up correctly.

The optimal parameters are maximum 400px height and 300px width.


Generate a link and see how the POP-UP will appear on the mobile version. If the result satisfies you, publish it.

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