Creating Facebook ads can be painful experience as you need to do several steps in order to create an ad.

There are roughly 20+ steps and decision to make in order to start Facebook Ads if you want to do remarketing add additional 15 steps to it including pixel creation and choosing the right Sales Goal. 

Edrone is not only your trusted marketing automation tool where you can send pop-ups and newsletters but also reach out to new audience and attract new customers. 

Welcome to Facebook edrone Ads. 

When you buy an ad through edrone, you can manage your remarketing activities in one place. No need to move between different solutions; now you have it all in edrone. 

Use our Facebook remarketing and ads to reach your audience, those who visited your online shop, reach those who abandoned shopping cart and create cohesive customer journey in one tool. 

Use Facebook ads in edrone to expand your reach, find new customers similar to those who are already visiting your e-store. 

When your customer abandons your shopping cart we can create automatic remarketing activities. 

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