All marketing activities make sense just when you have an audience. You should constantly enrich your customer base with new subscribers.

In this article, you will learn how to properly set up your "Newsletter Subscription", and how to avoid the most common mistakes.

“Newsletter subscription” is one of the most important scenarios in edrone. It enables you to constantly expand your subscribers base, so it must be properly set up - both in terms of technical and GDPR requirements. We will now go through all the step by step settings and let your scenario work as it should!


Choose the option: Double Opt-In edrone.

We recommend choosing this option because it is fully compatible with GDPR. The customer receives two messages from  you:

  1. A message with a confirmation button - after clicking on it, the customer confirms the desire to be your subscriber.
  2. Welcome message - here you can welcome  the new subscriber and give him/her a coupon code, for example, for their first purchase.

When you use the Double Opt-In model, you can be sure that the customer has agreed to subscribe to your newsletters fully and deliberately.


Here you have the opportunity to go to our pop-up builder, where you can set up your POP-UP, which will help you collect qualified leads. 

ADJUST” Section - You must select the tags with which your subscribers should be registered into the database. Most often, we choose tags that mark the place on your site where the customer can subscribe to the newsletter. They are usually:

From PopUp




You select the tags you want your subscribers to be registered with and move them from the "available tags" frame to the "active tags" frame; so your customer will be registered as subscribers with three tags: From PopUp, Order, and Registration.

On the following two sections (“SENDER” & “LANGUAGE), you can choose the sender from which your messages will be sent from, as well as the language in which you want to communicate.

Now, it’s time to move forward to the “DESIGN” section and create your messages (emails. Remember you have to prepare two emails: Confirmation and  Welcome messages.

Here are some examples of Newsletter Subscription messages prepared by some of our clients:

  1. Confirmation message

2. Welcome message

Now, you need to copy your designs to all active tags:

Therefore, if you create the "confirmation message" design or the first "From PopUp" tag, you copy it, as well as the subject, to the other confirmation messages, in this case to: "order confirmation message" and "register confirmation message".

You should do exactly the same thing with the second message, "Welcome" - copy it to the other active tags.

If you decide to give a coupon code to your new subscriber, then you must add it to your message. How to do it? It is very simple!

On the “DESIGN” section, select your “Welcome” email and click on “ADD”. Then, add a “text” container and choose the “coupon” tag from the drop-down menu. 

You can easily edit it: change the size, the color, and the font.

Then, you go to the “COUPON” section and choose one of the two types of coupons: dynamic (a unique code for each client) or static (the same code for all clients). For the first option (dynamic), you will have to go to your e-commerce platform, generate the cupons, download the CSV file with these coupons, “clean” the file (eliminating all columns and rows except the coupon codes), and upload it to edrone. For the second option (static), you will have to go to your e-commerce platform, generate the coupon code and manually type this code on the designated field.

Go to the “REVIEW” section, enter your email, and send a test to yourself in order to make sure your messages are all good to go when you activate the scenario.

The most common mistakes:

  1. Do not copy the designs to all available tags.
  2. After creating and activating the “Newsletter Subscription” in edrone, you must remember to turn off the messages "after subscription" on your e-commerce platform. If you don’t do this, the client will receive duplicate messages - from edrone and from the platform. It may be a bit confusing for your client and it will negatively affects the edrone’s database.
  3. You forget “refill” your coupon CSV file with new coupons (in the case you’re using dynamic coupons). Because of that, the scenario will be paused.
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