Please be aware that we do not accept any sensitive data sent to us in an email message. Data we receive this way will be immediately deleted.

  • You want to import the database you will be using in your marketing automation campaigns?

If you want to import your existing database to edrone, it is safe and easy to do that in CSV file direct to the system.

  • You want to give discounts to your customers?

A similar policy applies when you want to import discount codes.

  • Data export from edrone

In the SETTINGS -> EXPORT section you have multiple options to choose from. You should do this activity on your own. For security reasons all exports are available for download for 7 days only.

  • Issues

In exceptional situations our IT team may ask you for your shopping platform credentials. We will ask you then to send login (i.e. via email) and provide us with the password via phone.

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